Why should you be a part of this?

Tail-end Charlie is an Action-Adventure game where you can use your nft as a game character with unique attributes, more than half of any income from the project goes directly to help people affected by the war in Ukraine, it is also distributed to volunteer centers.

The main idea is that even if you just interact with the project, you can contribute to a good cause without much effort.

The team is made up of professionals from different fields, who are successfully using experiences from their "past lives" (which changed dramatically on February 24th)

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Q2 2022

1. Concept creation
2. Rebranding because of war
3. Building a chain of specialists
4. Creating relationships with volunteer organizations
5. Release whitepaper

Q3 2022

1. Launch website and social media
2. Partnership with gamedev studio
3. Whitelest outstanding contributors to create a best-in-class comunity
4. Mint program
5. Advertising сampaign

Q3 2022

1. Drop to early loyal investors
2. Volunteer organization reports
3. Token launch
4. Retrodrop
5. Betatest game
6. Launch game

Q4 2022

1. In game staking
2. Renting a hero Nfr for the game
3. New game modes
4. Making partnerships with big players in crypto
5. Roadmap 2.0




Bachelor of Arts, with many years of experience in the game industry as the leading developer. Including virtual reality and professional in the game shooting ballistics.



Software developer specialist with many years of experience in most used programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Javascript, Python, Perl,…


Game Developer

Software developer specialist with many years of experience with game and VR applications development.



A marketing and communications specialist with three years of experience. Much of his experience is in digital marketing, marketing campaign management, social media campaigns, content marketing.


Comunity Manager

A passionate digital marketing specialist who also has a background in social media, having worked in the past on audience growth and product sales that have helped fund exciting and ambitious projects.


Blockchain Developer

Master’s degree in multimedia systems, software engineer with many years experience in C, C++, and C#, heavily focused on the Crypto world and all its aspects.

Our team worked with


This is p2h collection with utility. In the future there will be a game in which you can not only earn money, but also help people affected by war.

Your nft is your character, you will be able to gain real control of him and control it in the game, fight other players and earn tokens, while knowing that you are helping people.

Our project and team are dedicated to helping people affected by war so in order to be as helpful as possible and to speed up the process we will work with several volunteer centres that directly help refugees and war victims

This project started before all the military events in Ukraine, but now we have slightly changed the vector of our project in another direction and set a goal to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. The initiative was launched to support all those who suffered (have no opportunity to leave, or funds for treatment, accommodation) through donations, most of the project income goes directly to the purchase of the necessary and provision of funds in various areas throughout the country.

You can buy your NFT on the launchpads or on the website, it is important to know that the collection will be on the Solana blockchain, all information about the date, price and quantity will be updated in our social networks.